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This is part of the reason why we pay crazy real estate prices and rents to be in Los Angeles. With a 25 minute drive, you can get to some unbelievable locations.

Point Dume doesn't really feel like you're in LA or on a LA beach. If the water were a bit warmer (well, actually a lot warmer) and a lighter shade of blue, it could easily pass for a Hawaiian beach.

Went here on a whim because we were having our once a decade storm pattern. Got a bit lucky because the rain stopped, although it remained overcast most of the day. That is until a gorgeous, complete rainbow broke out. Even got part of double rainbow.

In a rush to get a lot of the shots because the lighting was so on and off, I got a bit sloppy on leveling the horizon and "proper" exposures". I'll fix this stuff up one of these days.

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