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This is a mix of photos from a trip my friend Leo and I took. We went in search of a natural hot spring up in the Ojai area.

We found the hot spring, took a really nice dip, then went in search of lunch and photo ops. We discovered there wasn't much selection in either case. After filling up on a halfway decent tri tip sandwich with halfway cooked soggy fries (how can anyone mess up french fries) we decided to keep going north and hopefully catch some good beach photos or at least a good tan.

The privledge of living in So. California is that you get 70 degree temperatures in early January. We spotted this surfer beach with a cool pier back drop and got to work. Little bit of a climb and probably could have earned some hazard pay with the various slippery surfaces and big waves, but we made nice work. The fun part was at the end of the evening when the vanished sun gave off some great colors. We stayed and took plenty of photos at risk of not being able to see a way back to the car through a rising tide and more of the slippery rocks, but that's the price you pay to get a good photo.

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