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When I tell people that I'm taking a trip to Gettysburg, first thing they always ask is "Are you going for a reenactment?"

As you'll see from my photos, you won't see any people in gray or blue flannel playing North and South.

Gettysburg is a beautiful town with gorgeous landscapes, incredible skies, and tons of photo ops. The fact that a very large scale battle was fought in and around the town only ads to the mystique of the place. It's one thing to take a picture of rocks and trees; it's another to take pictures of rocks and trees where incredible things happened.

I've visited a handful of times, each getting more intimate with the ground. I've spent a lot of time walking and reading about the ground, but still probably only know about 1% of it all. This trip was pretty interesting in that I had a very large swing in weather--warm (well for Pennsylvania in December) blue skies to the kind of snowy weather that makes the 11 o'clock news top story.

Photos are pretty much shot as is. There might be a slight exposure touch up if I think it might play too dark on most people's monitors. Circular polarizer and a grad ND were used with some, otherwise they are au natural.


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